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The following is a list of our our major cutting tool suppliers.

 Company  Product description
Clarkson-Osborn is one of the largest manufacturers of cutting tools in Europe, with a complete focus on customer needs throughout the world allowing us to offer you the best in quality, the best in service, the best in delivery, and the best stock availability program. In addition our extensive and continuous research and development program has kept the company one step ahead of technology which is essential in providing the best cutting solutions for the increased sophistication in machine tools and the introduction of new processes and materials.

Providing quality cutting tools for the aerospace, automotive and machine shop industries in North America. Our products are sold exclusively through our distribution network.


Morse Cutting Tools was founded in 1864 by Stephen A. Morse. Today, we are committed to upholding the Morse reputation for high quality, American-made cutting tools. Imagination, technological innovation, and insistence on quality are still the principles that guide our company.
Just as they were 142 YEARS ago!

Many companies will claim that their cutting tool is the best. But it doesn’t matter how good the tool is if the company doesn’t stand behind it.

Whether your operation involves milling, turning, drilling, boring or requires a special tooling system, Valenite is there to provide you with the best cutting tools and systems available,along with the support to help keep your operations going.

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